GISSER guarantees a unique way of working with partners in the jewellery industry. It is no coincidence that GISSER in Dutch means 'smarter' or 'more intelligent'. A perfect starting point for the collaboration between buyer and supplier, especially in the ever-changing economic environment in which jewellers find themselves.

By offering what the customer needs now and what the consumer wants tomorrow, GISSER is a valuable partner for jewellers, trend stores and department stores in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe.

GISSER carries a high-quality and extensive collection of jewellery, made in rhodium-coated sterling silver and 14 carat gold. The high quality is guaranteed because all jewellery is designed in stylish Italy, in the GISSER design studio. The products are then produced in-house. This allows the jeweller to rely on a correct jewellery supply on a constant basis.

Besides wholesaler of the house collection and self-developed brands, GISSER is also an importer and distributor of the successful brand Engelsrufer. The German jewellery brand that connects unique, fashionable jewellery with the guidance that guardian angels offer.